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Post Processing / Grading

I recently saw a render posted on the Foundation 3D Forum by Andrew March of my Bugatti Veyron model. It’s by far and away the best render I have seen anyone post who purchased the model. The render was posted in it’s raw form, so straight out of Lightwave. Below you can see the render as posted:

Andrew March's Original Render

I figured this would be a great example for post processing or grading. When I render cars especially, it’s very rare that I keep the render as it came out the oven. I usually grade it in Photoshop. This is a pretty simple process, which I outlined in a tutorial HERE. Below you can see the resulting output. To my eyes realism is enhanced with subtle lens affects, as well as more intense shading and blooming in areas of sunlight on pale surfaces. The general colour cast also helps, though you can use any colour you like depending what atmosphere you wish to create.

Render by Andrew March : Graded by Craig A Clark


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