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Bunkspeed Pro Suite – First Impressions

I recently received my nVidia Quadro 4000, so having installed it, I was supplied with a licensed seat of Bunkspeed Pro Suite. I decided to work with a model I have been working on for a while on and off.

I exported an OBJ via Deep Exploration, and set about importing it in to Pro. Needless to say there were no major issues with that. All the surfaces assigned in Lightwave come through intact, which is essential for assigning shaders in Pro.

Shaders initially at least is a very simple drag and drop affair from the library directly on to the model in the main view-port. Pro has both an off-line and on-line library for materials, which is an excellent idea. The library covers a vast number of categories, and should be sufficient for a competent start on any subject matter.



With some nice shaders set-up (by no means perfect, they will need tweaking and adjusting), the camera can be tackled. As you’d expect, you can set your focal length, distance to subject, and where to look at. You can also enable Depth of Field, and set a corresponding f-stop number. The image below shows some settings to replicate a 90mm macro lens.



While working in Pro, the interactive rendering can be tailored to your workstation spec. Mine is a model Q6600 quad-core with a Quadro4000. This is a set-up that is not geared up to using full-time raytracing only for the interactive view. It’s set to automatically switch to a fast preview showing basic reflections and such, and when the view port is left undisturbed for a second or two, blending in to an iterating raytrace render. It’s a fast and efficient way to work. If you have much higher end CPU and GPU hardware, full-time raytracing would be the way to go.


Final Renders

I proceeded to render this shot of the turntable, which took about 32minutes to render (set to render 2000 passes). I’ve shown the raw render from Pro Suite, and my graded final version.

First impression is therefore very favourable. The software is intuitive, and the render produces great results. The interactive feedback is excellent. I’ve barely scratched the surface yet, so expect many more updates!

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