Bunkspeed Pro Queue Renders

Well in amongst my work I have been continuing to render stuff with Bunkspeed Pro, and aside from limitations caused by my system, the software has continued to be very stable. The car render was edging towards the limit of my workstation, tipping in just over 5 million polygons (I really should do a more carefully frozen version rather than blanket freezing the whole thing at the same level).


The second render was one I did to give the renderer a work out, with lots of refractions and reflections, as well a depth of field. The render is really nice, though expectedly slower than many of my previous renders.




Rendering with the Queue

As well as rendering in Bunkspeed Pro’s main application, you can also send it to the render queue. Even though I am running on a single workstation, the queue can still be used to render a local queue of jobs, so you can stack up your renders and then leave the queue to render overnight. You just need to stick a check mark in the send to queue option, job done.






Then load up the Bunkspeed Pro Queue application, see your jobs, and start the queue. I still need to play more with this as it archives everything when the job is completed, but the archive is in the system set temporary folder.

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