Digital Tutors

I was approached not too long ago by Digital Tutors. They asked if I would be interested in making a video tutorial for their site. Of course I was interested! After some brain racking, I contacted Christopher Conte and asked his permission to use one of his steampunk bug designs.

He agreed and so I produced a sketch from one of his photographs (I’m no concept artist, so it was the only way I could do it!).

Sadly at the last minute Digital Tutors decided they couldn’t go ahead because they had no-one that could support the product, because no-one their end knows how to use Lightwave. Now I kind of understand that, and Steven Anderson was very apologetic that it hadn’t been picked up sooner, and was a really nice guy to speak with on the phone.

I feel it’s a shame that the Lightwave market is just brushed aside. Lightwave has a good pedigree, albeit that Newtek sat back on there laurels while other software over took them, but what it doe it does very well and very quickly.

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