FBX, Dragonflies, and Keyshot

Well for reasons in hindsight I don’t really understand, I have only just gotten to trying exporting entire scenes from Lightwave as FilmBox format (fbx). I was prompted in to this because I wanted to bring my dragonfly model in to Keyshot, and the prospect of saving transformed objects for each piece in Lightwave’s layout was just not funny.

Instead I fired up the FBX Exporter, and not only does it save out all the geometry as it is in the scene, it can export none, some, or all of the animation. Import the resulting FBX in to Keyshot, and the animation is all there and almost perfect. I say almost because there is one slight issue, which I haven’t completely sussed out. A few small bits move incorrectly, and I think it could be items which in Lightwave are matched pairs targeted at each other. In Lightwave this causes a ‘cyclic dependency’ warning, although Lightwave will quite happily go with it. If that’s not the issue, I need to dig deeper. Keep an eye out for more soon on that.

The other thing I have to work around is that not all the surfaces come through separate, so I need to break the surfaces to multiple layers in Lightwave so that they come through distinct in Keyshot. That’s going to be a bit annoying to do, not least as it means there are additional layers to be put through to Layout that aren’t there as it stands.

But the first pass is not bad for a start:

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