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Copyright Infringements on eBay (and other outlets)

I was scouting around eBay, looking for good value used wrist watches, and chatting at the same time (it was evening so I was at home with my family). One topic of conversation was copyrights, and I just chance searched for Bugatti Veyron Prints. As it happened, one of the results in the search was my Stealth Veyron render (the one Newtek used in the LW10 booklet).

So looking further the seller is clearly lifting artwork from the web and selling it with complete disregard for copyright ownership. I reported the infringement of my rights to eBay and the listings were promptly removed.  Sadly eBay don’t apply logic to it and look further at the sellers listings. They should.

I would recommend that any artists and indeed photographers check this seller out for your work being sold:

Now ordinarily I am not to concerned by material I post on the internet. I accept to a point that I post stuff on the net, it is going to be used by someone in a  way that it really shouldn’t, but I draw the line at commercial use and selling. It certainly pays now and again to check for your work on eBay and the likes.

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