Starfury 24 Tex1

Sci-fi, Roots, and Rendering

Like many people in the CGI industry in the cuurent era, their initial forays in to CGI were triggered and inspred by things seen on TV.

Myself? I’m no exception. I entered in to the CG arena totally off the back of Babylon 5, and the work produced for it by Foundation Imaging. Of course Fandation Imaging is long gone, but the ground breaking work of Babylon 5 lives on.

It’s actually a long time since I have done any Babylon 5 related imagery. Back in the dim distant past I started out downloading other peoples models. I would convert them from Lightwave to Imagine format, re-apply the textures, and render them in Imagine. Generally they looked terrible, and eventually I got to grips with Lightwave, still in the early stages creating renders using other peoples models. A community existed where the models were created called The Babylon 5 Modellers Guild.

They ran a contest to design a new Babylon station called Babylon 6 (who’d have guessed), and with the assistance of a guy known as ‘Hadrian’ we came up with an idea for Babylon 6. I set about modelling this station, and that started my career as a modeller.

Well after creating a good few Babylon 5 models of my own, I gradually drifted away from rendering the subject. Then I came across a Facebook Page that made me dig up my models and make them available for download. This led to me doing a few new renders, which you can see below.

I started out just rendering a Starfury, before adding a couple of extra ones to fill the frame. Then I added a couple of instances of my Hyperion model and some beam weapons. The last render is the same as the second, but with a slightly more aggressive grade.

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