Starfury from Babylon 5 : Updating my old model

With my recent return to doing some scifi rendering, namely Babylon 5, I looked at the model I made of the Starfury. I created it back in early 2004, and I found that it contained a healthy number of detached verts, 1 and 2 point polygons, not to mention quit e a lot of co-planars.

I therefore set about tidying up and slightly reworking the model. Below are renders of the original model.

So in tidying it up, the wings have been replaced with better versions that are much tidier, along with new capsule and canopy. I have also reworked the details on the main part (guns etc). It’s not finished, I’m still doing stuff with it.

Below are renders of the current state of the updated model.

It will also need new UV’s and maps!

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