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Luxion Keyshot 4.1 coming soon!

Luxion’s Keyshot is about to get a whole lot better!

4.1 will be bringing with it some cool stuff like toon shading (not high on my list of must have things, but worth having), but more interestingly procedural textures. This is something that can be a staple part of shading in 3D packages, so much so that you use them without even thinking about it.

Procedural Textures

Even better is focussed caustics, accurately simulating light refracted and reflected through/off an object. With the 4.0 update bringing enhanced lighting options, and expanded in 4.1 to control shadow defocussing, realism is about to step up even higher.

Focussed Caustics

This is a very exciting update, and you can find out a lot more by heading over HERE

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