Busy Busy Busy!

There was a period of time where freelance work had all but petered out completely, which at the time was a complete disaster as I was working (or trying to) full time freelance. The unreliability and pressure of it resulted in some pretty drastic changes in my life. One was a return to full time employed work, coming by way of a design studio in Blackburn called Quarry Fold Studio. Lightwave positions are like hens teeth at the best of times, so this one was a gem. The type of work certainly took some time to get used to, as work is generally very fast turn around. There is certainly not the time to tweak and fiddle with shaders and textures. It’s bish, bash, bosh, its done. In theory at least, somethings just can’t be done like that, but it’s the aim.

In parallel with this, freelance work has picked up again. I’ve done five magazine articles recently, including an overview of designing, modelling, and rendering a vehicle using Lightwave and Keyshot (see issue 57 of 3D Artist for that), and another software review coming soon in the form of the latest release of Bunkspeed Pro, more on that in due course.

In addition to these I have cemented working relationships with two new clients, with whom repeat work occurs. The numbers quote I am providing has increased, though as has always been the case, the majority never become active projects. Many though don’t ever come back to you to confirm one way or the other, and if there is one thing I am hot on, it’s being professional, and that folks is not professional. However, it goes with the turf.

And in a good deed situation, I passed on a project with a prestigious company to another artist because the client required the use of Cinema 4D.

So 2013 has been a decent year in terms of work so far. Lets hope it keeps it up!

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