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So a couple of days or so ago, I had an email from someone representing a well known on-line training organisation, and this guy was basically telling me how he’d found my website and blog, and that my work was top notch and how I demonstrated excellence in my field (he isn’t wrong by the way!). He went on to express how it was beneficial to share resources, and if I would like to share a link to their blog on my website and blog. He ended by asking me to let him know my thoughts and ideas for the ‘collaboration’.

That got me to thinking, that a collaboration would be two or more parties working together, not just a one-sided deal. I asked him out of interest what my motivation was meant to be, because he was basically asking me to promote them, and nothing beneficial would be forthcoming the other way.

The replay was basically expressing how some people are just excited to share links with their readers (I can understand that for a non business site), and how others like myself are interested in exchanging links. They were cool with that apparently. OK, cool I’m thinking. What transpires is their idea of link exchanging is to simply add a blind link to almost random phrase in the middle of a block of text in a blog post. The link isn’t even given a title field so that it says something descriptive when someone hovers over to see what they might end up seeing. This doesn’t really backup the original email saying how I was excelling in my field. It’s a case of saying what you think the other person wants to hear in order to get what you want.

Needless to say, on checking my Google analytic data, there has been no traffic from this blind referral. All in all, for a respected set-up, I found it all to be a little cheeky and underhanded, and kind of  funny as a result.

UPDATE 11/08/2013

Seems they have taken offence at my observation, and have removed their all but invisible link from the page, it had been linked in the mid sentence phrase “Look at this cool art portfolio!” I’ll leave them the link in this page, because I’m a nice guy like that.

That’s funny!


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