Db5 024

Aston Martin DB5

Not too long ago a 1:3 scale replica DB5 was sold at auction by Christies for £55,000 to raise money for the NSPCC and to celebrate 50 years of James Bond.

This replica was created at Propshop UK by scanning a real DB5, a process carried out on Propshop’s site at Pinewood Studios. Once scanned, the data was processed and cleaned up, which then leaves you with a very dense but accurate representation of the DB5 exterior. Although accurate, the scan data is not precise enough and clean enough to form the basis of the 3D printing process. Instead it acts as a template for a good and clean model to be produced. Below are examples of the model during the building process.

This 3D model goes on to become the basis of the 3D printing, and save for tweaks to parts and components, is where my direct involvement winds down.

There are still many components that are required to be machined and manufactured, and these parts are created in CAD rather than 3D software. Beyond the digital work, there is a LOT of physical model making and finishing required. Most of the interior elements are physically modelled in the workshop, and although I had modelled the entire dashboard the results are more effective for the workshop crew to make and finish them. The major printed components are also work intensive, with epoxying, sanding, finishing, and spraying. All chrome elements for the gold car were sent away to be gold plated once they had been sanded and finished.

With the one of a kind gold car completed, work is continuing on the run of silver cars. You can check it out HERE.

The renders below show the car as it will look in silver.


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