Lightwave 2015 Wireframe Renders

Although it’s a pretty simple thing, it’s something that was always a bit of a bind in Lightwave. Rendering edges in Lightwave always worked fine for polygon geometry, but subdivision geometry would look awful, because what would be rendered would be the tripled geometry that Lightwave generates at render time.

A plugin then appeared that you could run in modeller, and it would basically create as many surfaces for the polygons as were needed to ensure that no adjoining base mesh polygons would ever share the same surface. You could then save this model, and use the surface boundary option in render edges to create the wireframe renders. It worked, but of course it required a new version of a model to be created in modeller to achieve it. The more complex the model, the more of a pain it was.

Finally Lightwave 2015 has a patch border option added to the edge rendering options. The results are glorious!

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