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Relocation & Expansion

ScorpioCGI until now has been my freelance business. Aside from a two year period doing it full time, it has consisted primarily of work done out of hours on top of full time work.

This worked better than others at various times. For the almost three years at Propshop (now in administration) the working hours were too long to really dedicate time to it. This situation has now changed. With the demise of Propshop, I have returned to the company I worked for previously; Quarry Fold Studio, based in Lancashire on the outskirts of Blackburn, a move that has changed everything.

Part of the deal in returning is that ScorpioCGI operate under the umbrella of QFS. I work full time for QFS, but operate ScoprioCGI within that. What this means is that ScorpioCGI is essentially also full time in working day hours, not confined to extra hours. Additionally, the studio team at QFS is also available to work on ScorpioCGI projects.

This has many benefits in terms of working capacity, but it also bring the benefits of a beautiful working environment.

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