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Portfolio Updated : Black Mirror Season 4 USS Callister

Black Mirror Season 4

Episode 1 : USS Callister

I was asked to model three assets for this episode of Black mirror. This consisted of:

The abandoned shuttle

Jet feeder tunnel

Base geometry of the USS Callister (to be detailed by other artists… and very well I might add!)

Abandoned Shuttle

For the abandoned shuttle model, I was provided with a fairly decent art department model for reference (on the left). While it lacked much detail it did layout the form and proportions pretty nicely.

USS Callister

Next up was the base geometry for the USS Callister. Again I had a base reference model, and this was used as a start point to refine and layout the main shape and features. Aside from engines and the main bridge window, there was no detailing required for this one as it was to be detailed by other modellers. I do wish I could have done this one fully too

Jet Feeder

This was a pretty quick one due to the obviously repetitive nature of the components. I was provided with a scan of the onset tunnel, which this had to match without being insanely detailed. Unlike the other two assets I had to UV this one.

You can see some additional renders in the portfolio section HERE

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