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Watch Project Update

I’m endeavoring to make my own watch, which actually means making all the components that encapsulate the actual mechanics of a watch. The mechanics of the watch are already sorted, in the form of an Eterna Calibre 39 manual wind.

The component design for the case has been reworked and refined, and the main case size reduced to 45mm. While still large bu purist standards, it’s a comfortable size that most people could wear.

For the sake of visualising the design, I modelled up a decent representation of the movement. Previously I just used a photo of the movement mapped on poly which looked terrible!

I also realised the size of the leather strap & bund looked cool but were actually impossibly long, so that has been resized and rescaled a bit.

I’m now pretty close to a final 3D print run to make sure at all goes together and feels right before pressing ahead with getting the prototype CNC’d in 316L

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