• Capri2

    Lightwave 2015 Wireframe Renders

    Although it’s a pretty simple thing, it’s something that was always a bit of a bind in Lightwave. Rendering edges in Lightwave always worked fine for polygon geometry, but subdivision geometry would look awful, because what would be rendered would be the tripled geometry that …

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  • Logo

    Portfolio Updated

    Over the last few months things have been really busy one way or another, and this has resulted in an update to our portfolio, click HERE to check it out. Seems the busy streak may well be continuing too!

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  • Invicta5125 V006 Rgb000080

    Completed Animation

    Well this is the completed animation. Quality on the small embedded one is pretty rough, so be sure to click the full screen button! Advertising style animation. Modelled and rendered in Lightwave 11.6 Movies compiled and rendered in Photoshop CC

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  • Invicta5125 V006 Rgb000034

    Watch Test Animation

    A test animation of the Invicta 5125 I’ve been modelling. Pretty pleased with it though I’ll want to jig the reflection cards around some.

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  • Vitaly Bulgarov Robocop Suit Keyshot 01

    Keyshot and RoboCop

    As a long time user of Keyshot (and Hypershot before it) it comes as no surprise at all to learn of it’s use on Robocop. It’s strength lies in the speed with which you can develop a look with Lightning fast rendering. For any kind …

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  • Invicta 5125 017

    Invicta 5125 Nearing Completion

    A little more work on this one. The scene setup has now been moved on with the bracelet posed in a sensible position. First time using bones. I like the simplicity in the setup of having all the links on one layer. It incurrs the …

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  • Screenshot 2014 02 23 23.26.17

    Amazing Human Anatomy Work

    I saw this on Facebook and was blown away. Not just because it’s Lightwave, but because it is incredibly realistic, and super creep toward the end! It’s by Chris Jones, see more of his work at

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  • Invicta 5125 005

    Invicta 5125 Watch Face Update

    Today I have refined the watch face, adding reflection maps and normal maps to the branding elements of the watch. The seconds hand was too long as well! These renders come from saving the VPR render in Lightwave 11.6.1 On a slightly separate note, this …

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  • Screenshot 2014 02 22 22.59.36

    Invicta 5125 Work in Progress

    So I have done quite a lot more to this now. The modelling is all but complete (it occurs to me that I need to add the split pins and spring pins that hold the bracelet assembly together). I have created the texture maps for …

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  • It Photo 120142

    Malicious Ads Removed

    I discovered today that my website had picked up banner ads for Viagra. I have no idea how they had been added, but they have been removed now. If such ads are spotted please contact me via the contact form and let me know. Thank …

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