• RolexYachtMasterII BlueCeramic.90a

    Rolex Yacht-master II

    As a follower of Rolex on Facebook, I was very taken with a new version of the beautiful Yacht-master II they posted. It was called the Blue Ceramic version, and differed slightly from my original incarnations of this time piece. The shade of blue used …

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  • Render Final

    Keyshot Tutorial in 3D Artist Magazine

    This month sees another article in 3D Artist Magazine. This time I show you in simple steps how new features in Keyshot 4 allow increased realism in your renders. Check it out HERE

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  • BugattiVeyron 107

    Automotive Models

    Check out the high quality vehicle models available for purchase. Presently in Lightwave LWO and Alias Wavefront OBJ formats.

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  • 3dartist Final Grade

    Lightwave & Radiosity

    So I was waiting on a render of my Rolex Yacht-master II the other day, and having read a few posts recently by Dave Jerrard on Facebook about his monstrous 32 core workstation; I commented how a little more horsepower would be nice. The subsequent …

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  • Banner

    Starfury from Babylon 5 : Updating my old model

    With my recent return to doing some scifi rendering, namely Babylon 5, I looked at the model I made of the Starfury. I created it back in early 2004, and I found that it contained a healthy number of detached verts, 1 and 2 point …

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  • Starfury 24 Tex1

    Sci-fi, Roots, and Rendering

    Like many people in the CGI industry in the cuurent era, their initial forays in to CGI were triggered and inspred by things seen on TV. Myself? I’m no exception. I entered in to the CG arena totally off the back of Babylon 5, and …

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  • Keyshot Renders Header

    New Keyshot Renders

    I decided this week in my down time to give Keyshot a workout with automotive rendering. Of course my trusty Veyron stepped up for some exposure (albeit in GT guise), but I also dusted off the Lotus Elise and Exige for an outing. My intention …

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  • Watch21

    24K Gold

    Having modelled add rendered the various models of Yacht-master II’s in Luxion Keyshot Pro and Bunkspeed Pro, the last combo I found (and probably my favourite) is the 24K gold with black face & bezel. This is how it stands in Lightwave right now, a …

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  • Lotus 007

    Lightwave (and OBJ) Automotive Models

    A selection of my high quality automotive models are available for purchase in the store. They represent great value at just under ten pounds for personal use (for commercial use you must purchase a full commercial license). All the models are highly detailed, come ready …

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  • Ym2 V0031

    Rolex Yachtmaster II

    I modelled this a few weeks ago, and have been working on shading in Keyshot Pro, Bunkspeed Pro, and Lightwave. Just a few grabs here showing the Lightwave model and some Lightwave renders, as they represent the bigger challenge than Keyshot and Bunkspeed Pro. First …

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