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    Keyshot Material Goodness

    Having put up a little render of my Veyron in Keyshot, I thought I might just put up a few examples of the materials that are included as standard, so you can see just how powerful and FAST the software is. Sure the rendering is …

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  • Keyshot Header

    Luxion Keyshot 3

    Luxion KeyShot® v3.0 I’ve used Keyshot (and in it’s past life, Hypershot) for quite a while. While I’m no leading authority on it’s use, I am pretty handy with it, and so it’s great to see version 3 is now available. I could tell you …

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  • Header

    Veyron GT & Keyshot

    I decided to export the model of the Veyron GT from Lightwave and bring it in to Keyshot (no interior yet), and quickly got it largely shaded up.

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  • Rendering With Keyshot1

    Keyshot Article

    Stumbled on a nice blog post about one of my recent magazine articles HERE. Always nice to know what someone reads your articles, and what they in turn think of them!

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  • BugattiVeyronGraded 056 Resize

    Bugatti Veyron GT Spec

    Having seen a photo-manipulation of a Veyron, I decided to make it a 3D project having modelled a Veyron already. This is the current status of the project.  

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  • Biomimetics


    Recently a model I created was used for a magazine cover (Answers in Genesis) for an article covering the subject of Biomimetics (the study of the structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines).

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  • Cuffz

    Bunkspeed Pro Renders

    Well in amongst my work I have been continuing to render stuff with Bunkspeed Pro, and aside from limitations caused by my system, the software has continued to be very stable. The car render was edging towards the limit of my workstation, tipping in just …

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  • Dragonflyfeatured 620x183

    The Making of : Mechanical Dragonfly

    Introduction This ‘making of’ aims to show you the general process involved in taking a concept drawing through to a final rendered still. In this instance, the subject matter is insects. I have had a lifelong fascination, and Dragonflies are right at the top of …

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  • IMG 3095

    Keyshot Article in Issue 33 of 3D Artist

    In this months issue of 3D Artist Magazine, I take you step by step through pulling your model in to Luxion’s Keyshot, adding shaders, and rendering you final image.

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