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    Car Set-up & Rendering Tutorial

    Introduction I have covered topics of modelling wheels and tyres for cars, as well as grading renders. it seemed fitting therefore to also cover a quick mini-tutorial for setting up rendering of cars. The setting for car renders is highly subjective, and many people favour …

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    Using Sliders in Lightwave

    Introduction Sliders are a great tool in Lightwave for simple rigging tasks. They can be used for many applications, though for me, it usually involves simple rigs for vehicles. By using them in conjunction with Cyclist to control physical components of the car including steering, …

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    Ray Depth / Ray Bounce / Ray Recursion Limit

    Introduction It’s a common parameter in most if not all software that is capable of raytracing, and a common consideration in minimising the rendering time of scenes. When you raytrace a scene, the software fires a set number of rays for calculating the light per …

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    Importing models into Luxion Keyshot 3.0

    Introduction In this article, I’m going to look at the process of taking a model in to Keyshot 3.0 (though the same process applies to previous version of Keyshot and Hypershot). They key stages involved are: Preparing the model in your modelling software Importing in …

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    Bunkspeed Pro Suite and the Veyron GT

    I have had some time to get back to Bunkspeed’s Pro Suite, and thought I would write up a little about it. I recently showed some examples of materials in Luxion’s Keyshot, so here is a similar example for some of the materials included in …

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    Keyshot Material Goodness

    Having put up a little render of my Veyron in Keyshot, I thought I might just put up a few examples of the materials that are included as standard, so you can see just how powerful and FAST the software is. Sure the rendering is …

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  • Cuffz

    Bunkspeed Pro Renders

    Well in amongst my work I have been continuing to render stuff with Bunkspeed Pro, and aside from limitations caused by my system, the software has continued to be very stable. The car render was edging towards the limit of my workstation, tipping in just …

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    The Making of : Mechanical Dragonfly

    Introduction This ‘making of’ aims to show you the general process involved in taking a concept drawing through to a final rendered still. In this instance, the subject matter is insects. I have had a lifelong fascination, and Dragonflies are right at the top of …

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