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  • 20161101 081207

    Relocation & Expansion

    ScorpioCGI until now has been my freelance business. Aside from a two year period doing it full time, it has consisted primarily of work done out of hours on top of full time work. This worked better than others at various times. For the almost …

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  • Db5 024

    Aston Martin DB5

    Not too long ago a 1:3 scale replica DB5 was sold at auction by Christies for £55,000 to raise money for the NSPCC and to celebrate 50 years of James Bond. This replica was created at Propshop UK by scanning a real DB5, a process …

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    Future of Bunkspeed

    Today this email came from the folks at Bunkspeed, and as someone who has used in the past but doesn’t really use it any more, it doesn’t affect me much. Dear Bunkspeed Client:   We want to make you aware of an important and very positive …

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  • Logo

    Portfolio Updated

    Over the last few months things have been really busy one way or another, and this has resulted in an update to our portfolio, click HERE to check it out. Seems the busy streak may well be continuing too!

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  • KeyShot Featured

    Keyshot 4.2 is coming

    KeyShot 4.2 Sneak Peek: Render Faster, Set Cores, Groups, Themes & Improved Import A new season is definitely upon us. School is well under way and we’re announcing that KeyShot 4.2 will soon be available. As you know, we have a lot of great features …

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  • Committees

    Blog Resource / Link Exchanging

    So a couple of days or so ago, I had an email from someone representing a well known on-line training organisation, and this guy was basically telling me how he’d found my website and blog, and that my work was top notch and how I …

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  • scopriocgi

    Busy Busy Busy!

    There was a period of time where freelance work had all but petered out completely, which at the time was a complete disaster as I was working (or trying to) full time freelance. The unreliability and pressure of it resulted in some pretty drastic changes …

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  • Keyshot Header

    Luxion Keyshot 4.1 coming soon!

    Luxion’s Keyshot is about to get a whole lot better! 4.1 will be bringing with it some cool stuff like toon shading (not high on my list of must have things, but worth having), but more interestingly procedural textures. This is something that can be …

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  • Layout Preview BOX SHOT2

    Lightwave 11

    So on Tuesday, Lightwave 11 finally arrived, much to my relief. I have to say it was a nice little bundle. In with the Lightwave 11 DVD case was a free Tofu the Vegan Zombie (which while being of zero practical use, is kinda cool …

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  • Keyshot Header

    Luxion Keyshot 3

    Luxion KeyShot® v3.0 I’ve used Keyshot (and in it’s past life, Hypershot) for quite a while. While I’m no leading authority on it’s use, I am pretty handy with it, and so it’s great to see version 3 is now available. I could tell you …

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