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  • Lightwave 2018 News Banner

    Lightwave 2018

    For what has seemed an absolute eternity Newtek have sat in silence, seemingly leaving Lightwave to die. Today finally there is news that Lightwave isn’t dead. Not only that, but it seems quite a lot has changed. Although the renderer in Lightwave was actually always …

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  • 252851 266 Luxology Modo

    A year on with Modo Pt1

    Way back in the 1990’s I first started my first forays in to the world of 3D. It all started with Pov-Ray and then Impulse Imagine on the Commodore Amiga. As time went on along came Lightwave 5.5 I stuck with Lightwave all the way through …

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    Future of Bunkspeed

    Today this email came from the folks at Bunkspeed, and as someone who has used in the past but doesn’t really use it any more, it doesn’t affect me much. Dear Bunkspeed Client:   We want to make you aware of an important and very positive …

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  • Capri2

    Lightwave 2015 Wireframe Renders

    Although it’s a pretty simple thing, it’s something that was always a bit of a bind in Lightwave. Rendering edges in Lightwave always worked fine for polygon geometry, but subdivision geometry would look awful, because what would be rendered would be the tripled geometry that …

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  • Vitaly Bulgarov Robocop Suit Keyshot 01

    Keyshot and RoboCop

    As a long time user of Keyshot (and Hypershot before it) it comes as no surprise at all to learn of it’s use on Robocop. It’s strength lies in the speed with which you can develop a look with Lightning fast rendering. For any kind …

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  • KeyShot Featured

    Keyshot 4.2 is coming

    KeyShot 4.2 Sneak Peek: Render Faster, Set Cores, Groups, Themes & Improved Import A new season is definitely upon us. School is well under way and we’re announcing that KeyShot 4.2 will soon be available. As you know, we have a lot of great features …

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  • Keyshot Header

    Luxion Keyshot 4.1 coming soon!

    Luxion’s Keyshot is about to get a whole lot better! 4.1 will be bringing with it some cool stuff like toon shading (not high on my list of must have things, but worth having), but more interestingly procedural textures. This is something that can be …

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  • Layout Preview BOX SHOT2

    Lightwave 11

    So on Tuesday, Lightwave 11 finally arrived, much to my relief. I have to say it was a nice little bundle. In with the Lightwave 11 DVD case was a free Tofu the Vegan Zombie (which while being of zero practical use, is kinda cool …

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  • Bunkspeedprosuite2

    A Tale of Two Softwares

    Bunkspeed and Luxion Back in my days at Ark, I modelled and rendered a mechanical dragonfly in Lightwave, which many people have seen. I recently got around to bringing it in to other renderers, namely Bunkspeed Pro Suite, and Luxion Keyshot Pro. This has been …

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