Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2012’

  • Diamonds Lw 001

    Gems in Lightwave

    Well having been rendering gemstones in Bunkspeed Pro and Keyshot Pro, I thought I should do the same with Lightwave. While the initial results are not quite there compared to the other two renderers, they are clearly not far off. The one thing that is …

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  • Keyshot Animation 9

    Simple animation in Keyshot 3.0

    Introduction Luxion Keyshot 3 Pro gives you the ability to animate as well as render. While you’re unlikely to be character animatig in Keyshot, more straight forward animation that you would associate with product and engineering visualisation are a real breeze. In much the same …

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  • Clip1

    Model Previewing

    Came across a twitter post and tried it out. It’s pretty impressing I think. This is the seat of my Veyron model. Try it yourself at P3D

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  • Banner

    Digital Jewellery

    Here are a few renders of CGI diamond jewellery created over the weekend. The models were created in Lightwave 3D, and the rendering handled by Bunskpeed Pro Suite. Let us know what you think!  

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  • Decodroid2

    Digital Tutors

    I was approached not too long ago by Digital Tutors. They asked if I would be interested in making a video tutorial for their site. Of course I was interested! After some brain racking, I contacted Christopher Conte and asked his permission to use one …

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  • Clip

    Colour Related Links : 500+ Colours

    So this is old news to many, but useful if you don’t have the link already. A database of over 500 colours with their colour (duh!), names, RGB values, and Hex values. A pretty useful reference when someone asks for a specific colour or shade. …

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    Bunkspeed Pro Queue Renders

    Well in amongst my work I have been continuing to render stuff with Bunkspeed Pro, and aside from limitations caused by my system, the software has continued to be very stable. The car render was edging towards the limit of my workstation, tipping in just …

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