Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

  • Cover

    Dragonfly Montage

    I decided to do a render of the dragonfly with some smaller detail shots of different parts of the model. Give or take minor tweaks it’s pretty much done I think.

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  • Bunkspeedprosuite2

    A Tale of Two Softwares

    Bunkspeed and Luxion Back in my days at Ark, I modelled and rendered a mechanical dragonfly in Lightwave, which many people have seen. I recently got around to bringing it in to other renderers, namely Bunkspeed Pro Suite, and Luxion Keyshot Pro. This has been …

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  • Dragon

    FBX, Dragonflies, and Keyshot

    Well for reasons in hindsight I don’t really understand, I have only just gotten to trying exporting entire scenes from Lightwave as FilmBox format (fbx). I was prompted in to this because I wanted to bring my dragonfly model in to Keyshot, and the prospect …

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  • 081

    Free Downloads from the Past

    I have noticed on my webstats that there is a good amount of traffic arriving relating to Bablyon 5 and I-War models created many moons ago and made available for download. I am sure there are several sites around the interweb that have the models …

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  • KeyShot Featured

    Keyshot 3.1 : Realtime Environment Editing

    With the Keyshot 3.1 update installed, here is a little demo of another brilliant feature built right in to the software. Have you ever got the preview render running and wished you could just make some little changes to the HDRI map you are using? …

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  • KeyShot Featured

    Keyshot 3.1 : Metallic Paint

    So I just updated to Keyshot 3.1, and pulled one of my vehicle models in to try out the new flake feature on metallic paint. I’m impressed with the results! After a little more work, I’ll post further results along with some examples of the …

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