Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2012’

  • Lotus 007

    Lightwave (and OBJ) Automotive Models

    A selection of my high quality automotive models are available for purchase in the store. They represent great value at just under ten pounds for personal use (for commercial use you must purchase a full commercial license). All the models are highly detailed, come ready …

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  • Ym2 V0031

    Rolex Yachtmaster II

    I modelled this a few weeks ago, and have been working on shading in Keyshot Pro, Bunkspeed Pro, and Lightwave. Just a few grabs here showing the Lightwave model and some Lightwave renders, as they represent the bigger challenge than Keyshot and Bunkspeed Pro. First …

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  • BugattiVeyronGraded 0861

    Bugatti Veyron GT Final

    I can’t think of any other things I’d like to do with this really. Over all I’m pretty happy with it, so I am calling it done!

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  • BugattiVeyronGraded 0861

    New Alloy Rims

    I designed some new rims for the Veyron GT, though I am not sure if I like them for the previous ones I designed better, but anyway, this is them!

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  • BugattiVeyron 107

    Veyron GT Interior

    As with all my cars this interior isn’t meant for super closeup rendering, and this is as close it it would stand up (ideally looking in through an open door rather than right inside, but it’s ok). Anyway, in keeping with the new GT Blue …

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  • BugattiVeyronGraded 073

    Bugatti Veyron GT Update

    Time for an update to the Veyron GT. First job was to add some colour! Black is cool, but I thought something less dark would be nice. I also started a little work on the interior, which I’ll post an update on soon, but for …

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