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  • RolexYachtMasterII BlueCeramic.90a

    Rolex Yacht-master II

    As a follower of Rolex on Facebook, I was very taken with a new version of the beautiful Yacht-master II they posted. It was called the Blue Ceramic version, and differed slightly from my original incarnations of this time piece. The shade of blue used …

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  • 3dartist Final Grade

    Lightwave & Radiosity

    So I was waiting on a render of my Rolex Yacht-master II the other day, and having read a few posts recently by Dave Jerrard on Facebook about his monstrous 32 core workstation; I commented how a little more horsepower would be nice. The subsequent …

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  • Watch21

    24K Gold

    Having modelled add rendered the various models of Yacht-master II’s in Luxion Keyshot Pro and Bunkspeed Pro, the last combo I found (and probably my favourite) is the 24K gold with black face & bezel. This is how it stands in Lightwave right now, a …

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  • Ym2 V0031

    Rolex Yachtmaster II

    I modelled this a few weeks ago, and have been working on shading in Keyshot Pro, Bunkspeed Pro, and Lightwave. Just a few grabs here showing the Lightwave model and some Lightwave renders, as they represent the bigger challenge than Keyshot and Bunkspeed Pro. First …

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